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How To Do SEO In 2014 - Best Practises For SEO Professtionals

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Google Penalty - Virool Is Another Victim of Google Bad Link Penalty - Totally About of Google

How To Do SEO In 2014 - Best Practises For SEO Professtionals - Maintain The Gap For User or Search Engine

Lets Start the best SEO practises in 2014 for staying in ranking or trand. Ek SEO professional ki job work karti hai ek bridge ki trah jiske ek end par aap apni services ko search engine ke according or dusri or human ki needs ke according information, products or services ko provide karte hai. Iske peeche sirf ek hi purpose hota hai organization ke revenue ko increase karna. SEO professional apne work me success hota hai jub products bikte hai, leads capture hoti hai or page views earns hote hai ye saari activity tab hi kargar hoti hai jab aapke keywords ki performance or landing pages right hote hai against revenue.

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infographic google algorithm changes keyword seo

Uppar di hui frequincy jo ki search engine algorithm updates hai ke according aapko apne bussiness ko continually upadate karte rehna hoga, competitive activity, ever shifting bussiness priorities, proliferation of content delivery & sharing mechanisms.

Jaha pehle ek waqt tha jab sirf seo's links par hi dhayan dete they or ranking bhi aa jaati thi but ab seo's ka role change ho gaya hai. Ab unhe apne task me regular up to date rehna padta hai with industry trends, best practices or algorithm updates ke liye jise specially ullaikhniya hota hai jiski saar aaj ke time me aap keh sakte ho SEO Analysts or or manager bhi keh sakte hai jise nakarna sayad galat hi hoga.

Lets See the Best SEO Practices in 2014 jo aapko truly Ek perfect SEO Banayegi.

1. Bridging the Knowledge Gap

Make your presence in Marketing provide high quality pages, content or services jo aapko jyada se jyada revenue dila sake jiski wajah se aapki aapki importance kaafi jyada badh jayegi marketing stretegies me.

2. Knowledge of content perfomance

f connecting content to ROI is the goal, information is the primary the primary means to get there. SEOs must be relentless in their pursuit of knowledge about content performance and make the most out the tools they have to understand what improves its performance.

The most important content measurement factors in the page-based approach are:

    Understanding the business impact of pages or content in terms of actual conversions and revenue.
    Understanding content performance at the individual page level as well as the page group level.
    Understanding content performance across search engines, geographies, and devices.
    Assessing the impact of keywords by attributing revenue, conversions and traffic.

Knowledge of Rank

Knowledge about content performance and the impact of keywords is only one piece of the information puzzle, however. In a world of social media, multiple device types, Universal Search, and search result variations across geographies, identifying anomalies in keyword rank and explaining the root cause of these anomalies becomes a more complex task. Ranking factors to consider:

    Accuracy of rank data.
    Understanding the correlation between social sharing of pages and rank for those pages.
    Measuring actual rank across text, video, image site link, and Places results.
    Measuring rank across variables such as device types, local search markets, global search markets, and multiple search engines.
    Ranking in Google Carousel, if applicable.

But the quest for perfect knowledge of ranking factors and their contribution to content performance can lead to analysis paralysis that prevents this data from being put into action. Without cross-functional collaboration, the SEO is a lone ranger.
Bridging the Gap Between Teams

As champions of the search user, SEO professionals can interact with departments, such as engineering, development, marketing, product, and creative services. This cross-functional collaboration and evangelism is essential for a successful SEO program.

One question to ask is, "Are you satisfied with the search engine-friendliness of your content?" Then focus on what can be done to improve legacy content, and what can be done going forward to optimize content as it is created. Is the content being optimized before, during, or after its creation? Who needs to be involved in creating a streamlined process for your organization?

While most companies have a CMS, a large portion of content is still being created in basic programs like Microsoft Word that do not offer SEO capabilities for content creators. Content creators are often focused on thinking for the end user, and often need training on how to think for search engines. Evangelism across teams is just as important as the basic collaboration necessary to get the job done.
Bridging the Data Gap

There are many sources of data that contribute to the execution of a top-notch enterprise SEO program. All data is relevant and connected.

Analytics integration is a necessity in the page-based approach, and secure search has solidified the need for integration with Google Webmaster Tools.

Data to inform link building and keyword discovery is also important – and the more existing tools can integrated into one program, the easier it will be to find correlations and causations that contribute to SEO success.

Bridging the data gap is essential for bridging the knowledge gap.

There is no more exciting time to be in SEO. Unlike engineers, who mostly work with code, or content creators, who mostly work with words and images, SEO professionals have the benefit of sitting at the intersection of technology and human behavior. It is their ability to bridge these gaps in knowledge, between cross-functional teams, with data, and with technology providers that will ensure their success in 2014 and beyond.

Google - Link Penalty on German Link Network - Unnatural Links Penalty

Google aaj kal kuch jyada hi strict ho gaya unnatural links ke liye or regular koi na koi naya update kar raha hai taaki wo apni search results ko or bhi behtar kar sake.

After repeated warnings in recent weeks google ne ek german link network par penalty thoki hai or uske saath saath us network ke jitne bhi clients they unhe bhi is penalty ko jhelna padega.

The head of google's webspam team Matt Cutts ne twitter par announce kiya hai jaisa ki wo hamesa karte hai. but matt cutts ne ye nahi announce kiya ke wo agency hai kon se jisko penalty jhelni padegi.

(Matt Cutts Wrote :This week we took action on a German agency's link network/clients. More to come in Germany.)

After french link network buzza in january end cutts ne comment kiya tha ke hamare nisane par is baar may be germany ke link networks honge jinhe sayad penalty jhelni padegi.

Or cutts ne use follow kiya or tweet ke through german webmasters ko warn bhi kar diya agar aapke webmaster tool me aapko warning mili hai kisi bhi unnatural links ke regarding or lagta hai ki unnatural links aapki site ko point kar rahe hai to wo aapki website ke liye danger ho sakte hai ( Aise kharide huye links jo pagerank paas karte hai ).

Best 21 Usefull SEO Tools for Onpage Optimization

Google's official position on webmaster best practices really hasn't changed much over the years. But jo change hua hai wo hai google ki search engine's ability to enforce these guidelines improved algorithm ke jariye. Jyada behtar panda, penguin or hummingbird had profound impact on seo landscape.

Google's official web spam team head Matt Cutts ne declare kiya hua ki koi bhi website penalize ho sakti hai agar wo google ki guidelines ko follow nahi karega to or isme koi bhi surprise wali baat nahi hai.

In order to get the ranking in google first page to tumhari website ko jaroori hai ki wo google guideline ko follow kare or deserve kare rank me rehne ke liye. Isme chahiye ki aapki website best in class honi chahiye. best in user experience honi chahiye in niche keywords par.

There are lots of tools jo aapko help karege website ko well optimize karne me.

Humne in tools ko 4 important part me divert kar diya hai.

1. Keyword research
2. Content Tools
3. Technical Tools
4. Full website Auditing

Lets start from Keyword Research.

1. Keyword Research

A. Wordstream - the wordstream free keyword tool hazaro keyword idea's provide karta hai ek huge database jisme a trillian unique searches se bhi jyada ka unique data hota hai. yeh tool outperforms of paid aleternatives in th market.

B. Keyword Eye Basic - Keyword eye basic basically ek visual suggesstion tool hai jo perticularly work karta hai brain stromming sessions par.

C. Youtube Keyword Tool - Youtube is a great way of find great keywords for your campaigns.

D. Ubersuggest - Basically yeh design hua hai long tail keywords ke liye jo ki aapko google or other plateforms ke data ko use karke aapko keyword suggest karta hai.

2. Content Tools

As you know panda update hone ki wajah se content ke upar jyada dhyan diya jane laga hai. Ab wo time nahi hai ke jo aap low quality content se rank me bane rahenge. Like - cheap, spun, duplicate content, gramatically low quality. is trah ka content ab aapki website ko penalty hi dilayega. Ise improve karne ke tarike.

A. Anchor text over optimization tool - Ye tool aapko anchor text diversity me madad karta hai. Words or phrases jo potentially over optimized hote hai ye tool website ke liye unhe highlited karke aapko dhikhata hai jisse aap easly deversity use kar sakte hoa.

B. Convert Word documents to clean HTML - is tool ki mada se aap bina koi html error liye apne doc ko clean html me convert kar sakte ho.

C. Copyscape - Is tool ki madad se aap duplicate content check kar sakte ho or saath hi saath apne content ko copyright bhi kara sakte ho.

3. Technical Tool.

A. Xenu's Link Sleuth - Ye tool basically PC base tool hai jo ki aapki website ke liye broken links ko check karta hai or aapko inform karte hai jisse aap apni website ko clean rakh sakte hai without errors.

B. Robots.txt Generator - Agar aapko robots.txt file generate karne me dikkat hoti hai banana nahi aata to ye tool aapko madad karta hai ki aap ek well set robots.txt file generate kar sake easily.

C. Robots.txt Checker - Is tool se aap apne pehle se bane huye robots.txt file ko validate kar sakte hai easily.

D. URI Valet - The URI Valet header checker karte hai ki total numer of objects kitne hai like - http reguests, time to download, object i details, internal links, outer links, alog with veryfying http header.

E. Title and Description optimization tool - Agar aapko title description banane me dikkat hoti hai to aap is tool ka use karke easily meta bana sakte hoa.

F. Image Seo Tools - Is tool ki madad se aap easily kisi bhi image ko optimize kar sakte hoa.

G. Schema Creator - Is tool ki madad se aap easily apni website ke liye schema language use kar sakte ho or apni services ko easily search engine ke liye describe kar sakte hoa.

H. Google snippt Tool - Is tool ki madad se aap kisi bhi schema language ko check kar sakte ho ki wo language aapki website pe proper way me use hui hai ya nahi.

I. Structured Data testing tool - Is tool se aap apni website ko check kar skate hai ki aapki website search engine pages me kaise dikhayi deti hai.

J. XML Sitemap Generator - Is tool ki madad se aap aasani se apni website ke liye XML site map generate kar sakte hai wa easily edit bhi kar sakte hai.

K. XML Sitemap Inspector - Is tool se aap apne site map ko check kar sakte hai wa validate kar sakte hai.

L. Pingdom Website Speed Tool - Ye ek bahot hi important tool hai jo ki aap ki website ki speed aapko batata hai jiska aapki website ki ranking par kaafi asar hota hai. Isse aap apni website ko kaafi had tak improve kar sakte hai. Or ye aapki website ki history bhi rakhta hai ki aapne jab last time check kiya tha to jab kiya speed thi or ab kya hai.

M. Fiddler - Yeh tool ek web debugging tool hai jo aapki website ke liye http(s) traffic maintain rakhta hai aapke computer or internet ke beech.

4. Full Website Auditing

A. Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit - Aapne jaise ki pehle wale ssare tools ko test kar liya aab bari aati hai ki ek aisa tool jo aapki website ke liye full auditing kare or aapko results dhikhaye ye tool aapko ek accha score karne me aapki bahut madad karega.

B. Searchenginewatch SEO Tool - yeh tool bhi bilkul microsoft wale auditing tool ki trah hi hai jo aapko full access deta hai website ko analysis karne me.
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Google Page Layout Algorithm Refreshed - 2014

Agar aapki website ki ranking or organic traffic down hua hai or aapki website ke page par uppar side me ads radio jyada hai to maybe tumhari site affected hui hai google page layout algorithm se.

Google's spam head Matt cutts ne twitter par 6 febuarary ko aanouce kiya hai ke may be ye aapki site ki ranking down ho jaye. lekin wo jyada detail me nahi gaye.

Google ne page layout algorithm ko january 2012 me release kiya tha or last time october 2012 me use update kiya tha.

Google page layout algorithm se wo sites affected huyi hai jin websites ki quality light hai content me or heavy hai ads me website page ke uppar part me.


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